A Complete Package.
At Andor, we firmly believe in going the extra mile so we have put together a package that will offer all you need and more.

It's all about thinking ahead...

It's better to have regular health checks to stay well and fit, rather than see the doctor only when you're ill.

Why should this be different for your computers? They are probably the most important tools your business relies upon and you expect them to work well all the time. For that to happen, you need the services and support of competent 'computer doctors'.

The problem with conventional support contracts is that they only solve problems when they arise, which means that you may suffer unnecessary and costly downtime that could seriously affect your operations and your profits.

At Andor, we think there is a more professional way to help you.

The Andor Difference - Prevention

With Andor, what  you get are all the features of the best support contracts available and our  unique approach to preventive maintenance.

We believe in avoiding and resolving problems before they make any significant  impact. We want to offer our clients peace of mind with computers that run  smoothly.

That's why we'll give each of your PCs and servers a thorough "Health Check"  twice a year to ensure they run at peak performance. In addition if, at any  time, there is a problem, we'll fix it so that your business keeps running  smoothly.

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At Andor, we firmly believe in going the extra mile so we have put together a package that will offer all you need and more.

Here is what you get with your Andor contract

Inclusive Costs
For a fixed monthly fee, virtually everything is included (see Quick Questions). This means our costs are transparent and predictable, allowing you to budget your IT expenditure easily and accurately.

Peace of mind
We'll take care of all equipment and software that we have supplied, installed or approved. That way, you can relax and concentrate on what you do best.

Ability to make the right choices
You'll be able to use our experience and expertise to make informed and cost-effective decisions on important matters like backing-up your vital information or buying new equipment and software that actually matches your requirements. You just need to ask.

We'll look after your fixed and wireless networks, Internet and broadband to make sure you can always stay in contact with your customers and suppliers. We can also advise you on the best ways to stay connected whether you are in or out of your office.

Flexibility and speed
We provide support in many ways at no extra charge: by phone, e-mail, call-out or even remotely.


Extra Advantages

Acting on  your behalf
Where you have existing agreements with other suppliers of products or services,  you can use our technical expertise as a go-between.

Full documentation
With new contracts, we carry out a complete audit of your system and provide you  with comprehensive documentation which we will keep constantly updated. This  will include specifications of all computers, Internet connection details and  user names/passwords for all equipment, software or services.

We use plain English and avoid using jargon to enable you to clearly understand  the issues and take the best decisions.

Quick Questions...

Q: Will you always send an engineer?
We'll discuss the problem with you, assess whether its routine or  urgent and then decide how best to deal with it - this maybe by  phone, remote access (if installed), or engineer call out.

Q: Is there a charge  for on-site call outs?
No,  its all included

Q: Does the contract cover any location?
We'll agree on locations before the contract starts


Q: Is travelling time & expenses included?
For most locations this is included in our contract

Q: Is there any 'small  print'?
Only our normal conditions of trading which is available on request

Q: What's not covered? 
Actually very little:
Anything covered by an existing agreement
Specialised software
The cost of software or replacement parts